Keeping Music Alive, One Venue at a Time

We miss music venues just as much as you do. The lights, the roar of the first note being played, even the pricey merch. These are the places where we could relax, set back and simply enjoy one of life’s simple treasures, going to a show or concert. We miss it all. Without music venues we would not have a place to congregate, be inspired and share our love of music. We know times are still tough for local stages and Kyser wants to highlight and showcase some of the most eye catching and most inspiring independent music venues across the nation.

How it Works

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Order your capo

You can browse and purchase unique venue themed capos designed in partnership with more than a dozen rotating clubs and venues.

Step 02

Support Live Music

Your purchase helps the music venue directly. The donation amount per unit is the full proceeds of the capo minus shipping, with all proceeds from that capo benefiting the venue of the customer’s choice.

Step 03

Check Back Regularly

Each week, we will highlight and showcase a new venue of the week including their photos, social media, their humble beginnings / story / bio, and how they’re managing their venue or success during the pandemic.

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