Guaranteed For Life

Our Lifetime Warranty means you’re bound to break down before our products ever do.

Pitch-Perfect, Every Time

From the construction of our capos to the comfort of our swag, quality is what we swear by.

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

Hand-cut, finished, and assembled right here in East Texas, with all materials sourced from American small businesses.

Acoustic Guitar Capos

Some brands bring one good thing and ride it for life. Not Kyser. Since the early 1980s, we’ve changed the way the world changes keys, and Kyser Acoustic Guitar Capos just keep getting better––every day.

Perfect Pressure

The optimal formula exists: a specially designed radius with one-handed trigger functionality, just the way Milton Kyser liked it back in 1980.

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Electric Guitar Capos

Made for the rock and roll ritual. Plug in, turn on, turn up. Your Kyser Electric Guitar Capo will keep up, keying in on perfect pitch so you can unlock worlds of electrifying sound, shock-free.

Compact and Contoured

Smaller body with specially designed radius and open-curl handle for comfortable, one-handed grip.

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Ukulele Capos

Serene, sunny sound in just a squeeze. Opt for a change of scenery with Kyser Ukulele Capos, pocket-sized pictures of paradise that put harmony in your hand and your troubles in the wind.

Perfectly Calibrated to Uke Specifications

Flat radius and optimized, lower tension to make nylon-string strumming a breeze.

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Mandolin Capos

Change keys at the blazing speed of bluegrass with Kyser Mandolin Capos, a compact version of our legendary trigger design with a special, custom tension.

Folk-Friendly Features

A flatter radius and lower tension, adapted for small necks with big responsibilities.


Banjo Capos

The banjo is bold, bald in its sound, singular and never shy, yet powerful enough to climb countless hills and mountains and echo for centuries. The Kyser Banjo Capo enters this proud tradition as a modern complement to a timeless music, and like it, made to last.

Perfect Pressure

Flat radius and 6.5-pound tension


Classical Guitar Capos

Like a fresh canvas, your strings are limitless. Stretch them long and flat across a fretboard and you paint with pure tone. Kyser Classical Guitar Capos help bring your pictures to life, providing a broad pallet and endless color for a modern masterpiece of your own.

Complete Coverage

Long body shape for even tension and perfect pitch across the entire fingerboard.


12-String Guitar Capos

The ring of a 12-string guitar is mighty. It’s a testament to the power of the individual and to music’s ability to transform ordinary things––and ordinary people––into something more. Kyser 12-String Guitar Capos put command of this historic voice into your hands. What you say is up to you.

Elevated Tension for Premium Performance

Increased spring tension and a radius comformed to the features of your freboard, to ensure all 12 strings get the attention they deserve.

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Partial Guitar Capos

Like sleight-of-hand or a trick of the eye, Kyser Partial Capos play with what’s possible. They open up new tunings like a key in a secret door, creating entire universes of sound and dropping you in with just one simple squeeze.

Open Design

Covers up to three strings for alternate tunings, hammer-ons, and new rhythms.

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