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Factory Minute: What is sublimation?
Factory Minute

Factory Minute: What is sublimation?

"While our hand-painted capos are our claim to fame, many wonder how Kyser is able to apply some of its more intricate patterns, like the KG6TD Tie-Dye Quick-Change Capo, to its products. Many people think these graphics are actually wraps, but wraps they ain't. Kyser capos are actually ""sublimated,"" a process the factory began implementing in 2008.  Director of Operations Waylon Alexander takes a moment to break down the process and talk about how the initial idea of products beyond powdercoat came to be.

When and why did Kyser start sublimating capos?
Kyser started sublimation in 2008, beginning with the KG6C Quick-Change Acoustic Camo capo, followed by the KG6F Freedom (American Flag) acoustic model. We wanted to offer something more than just solid colors to stand above the competition and due to the endless possibilities that sublimation offers.

What is involved in sublimation?
During this proprietary process, a specific image of choice is printed into our pre-coated capo parts with the use of ""sublimation dyes"" that turn from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid phase. In short, the pattern is digitally programmed, then ""printed"" onto the capo by dying the capo with molecules of gas.

The KG6RW Rosewood remains one of Kyser's most popular capos.

What is your favorite sublimated capo and why?
My favorite sublimated capo would have to be the Rosewood because it has a beautiful, rich color which goes with anything.

How do we determine our sublimated finishes?
Our finishes are determined by first, having an idea. Secondly, having samples of that idea made for us. Third, any tweaking that we feel needs to be done for placement of image on capo or stretching of image so it lays where we want on the capo. There are, of course, some ""interesting"" sublimations that receive no further consideration right out of the gate! Ones that we feel are worthy of market get shared with Kyser artists and general public at trade shows, and we shape our sublimation product strategy from those responses.

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