Our History

Milton Kyser grew up the son of cotton farmers, and he would’ve rather picked cotton than go to school. That’s just the way Milton was. A good worker. A hard worker. It’s what drove him to join the Air Force. It’s what carried him through decades as a professional machinist, making ball bearings for the oil and gas rigs, and it’s that same get-up-and-go that kept Milton Kyser in the clubs of Deep Ellum night after night, handing out his Kyser Quick-Change Capos to local Texas musicians and saying "Here's my number. Let me know what you think."

Our Approach

From the very beginning, Milton did everything himself, by hand, and he’s made sure that every Kyser is still made the same way–by the hands of the Kyser family, and we mean real family, like nieces and nephews and sons and daughters. Our flesh and our blood, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, because making capos is what we know. We’ve been doing it our whole lives, and the whole time right here in Kaufman, Texas, a 5.6-square-mile town with little more than 3,500 people, and 4 barbecue restaurants.

Our Future

It takes 35 people to make just one Kyser capo, and we hand-craft each of them in a multi-step process from the best American-made materials available, and only on the custom machinery Milton Kyser designed himself. That’s because good parts and good work make good products, and at Kyser Musical Products it’s just that simple. Quality over quantity, or don’t bother coming in tomorrow. It’s Milton’s recipe; it’s the East Texas way, and with Milton's great-niece Meredith Attebery and her husband, Scott, leading Kyser into it's promising future, it's remained unchanged for nearly 40 years.

The Kyser Timeline


Milton Kyser, a machinist with a love of connecting people through music purchases a patent from a friend and begins developing the Kyser Quick-Change® Capo.


To help musicians change keys effortlessly with one hand, the ambitious founder invents a trigger mechanism for guitar capos that remains remarkably unchanged to this day.


The Quick-Change® Capo line welcomes its first non-acoustic capo, which boasted a special radius and lower tension developed especially for streamlined electric necks.


Kyser introduces its first "sublimated" capo, broadening the company's creative capo possibilities beyond paint colors and into custom-dyed patterns and designs. The first, the KG6F freedom capo, was a nod to Milton's time as a Korean War soldier and a company-wide commitment to supporting vets with music.


Once hand pressed into the aluminum of the capo body, Kyser evolved its signature logo imprint by switching the process to a special ink stamp.


Milton passes the Kyser torch to his great-niece Meredith Attebery, who currently assumes the role of Company Owner and President. Milton was nearing 80 years old at the time of his retirement.


The company celebrates 40 years in the business by debuting its first signature capos, appropriately named the "Milton" and the "Meredith".

Our Process