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Factory Minute: Chris Patterson, Manager of Packaging
Factory Minute

Factory Minute: Chris Patterson, Manager of Packaging

Overseeing the final step of that Kyser capo magic is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Our packaging manager Chris Patterson gives us the lowdown on what it takes to be the last line of defense during Kyser's painstaking quality control process.

How many capos are packaged on an average day? 

On average, 14,000 give or take. We have three packagers who each do around 1,200 or more per day.

What's the secret to maintaining that type of speed and consistency?

Well, you kind of get into a rhythm once you know what to look for. Speed definitely gets better over time. But anyone can be fast. The real trick is being fast and still catching any quality issues that might arise. It takes someone who can handle repetition without losing focus.

Being the last line of defense on the Kyser production team, what types of thing should packers look for?

Everything. Any defect from any stage of the process. With the quantity of parts moving through the shop every day, there are always going to be defects slip through. The most common issues are debris or scratches in the powder coat, rubber pads that need to be re-glued, and rivets that weren’t lined up correctly when they were pressed. If it’s an issue that can be fixed, we send it back to the appropriate department and it gets put back in rotation.

How does being a musician personally affect your attention to detail?

It makes me want to put out a better product. I want every capo we produce to be the kind of quality I would want to buy for myself. I know how much dedication people put into their music, and I want them to see that we put that same level of dedication into manufacturing our capos.

Where is the coolest place you've ever seen a Kyser capo being used?

A few years ago, someone put a picture on our bulletin board of Beth on ‘The Walking Dead’ playing guitar with a Kyser capo. So you know they're tough if they can survive a zombie apocalypse!

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