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Five Reasons Why Kyser Capos are Guaranteed for Life
Factory Minute

Five Reasons Why Kyser Capos are Guaranteed for Life

There are 1000 reasons why Kyser capos are "guaranteed for life,"  but we thought we would share our best five! 

1. Detailed Handcrafting

Although it’s machines that power the product through production, it’s the hands of our team that guide it to perfection. Each part is handled 11 separate times from start to finish. From the saw operator checking widths of parts coming off the saw to the mill operators de-burring every part that comes off of the mills. Each of those parts go through a finishing process to ready them for paint but before paint they have to be strung up and hung up by hand for the coating process. After the coating process, they are taken down from their racks they were hung on. Every part is handled one by one to have our logo printed on and handled again in the next process to have the holes cleared out for assembly. A gluer has to handle each piece to apply the protective tape and rubber pad and then it’s handed off to an assembler to marry the body and handle creating a finished capo. Lastly, each and every capos is handled and inspected individually before being packaged for market.

2. Quality

The quality of our product stands above the rest due to American-made components. From our aluminum rooted in Central Texas to the music wire formed into torsion springs 45 minutes away in Dallas, our components are always consistent, from one capo to the next. Even our rubber components are produced just a 3-hour road trip away.

3. Efficient Warranty Process

If ever in the unfortunate circumstance, you have a malfunctioning capo, submitting a warranty claim is easy on our website. All you have to do is register, submit, and you’ll receive a replacement. When we receive a warranty capo at the shop that has sentimental value, it's completely torn down to two coated parts. We clean it up and re-apply new components breathing another potential 20 years into it. 

4. Road-Ready and Artist Approved

From The Arctic Monkeys, to Taylor Swift, to Kacey Musgraves, to Gary Clark Jr. and even John Mayer, these are just a few of the artists that rely on Kyser capos night after night from playing and gigging. These capos are built to take and uphold any tour damage and beatings. 

5. Perfect for All Proficiency Levels

There's a capo for every step and everyone in their musical journey. For students and beginners the Kyser® Quick-Change® Low-Tension Guitar Capo makes a great addition for their guitar. For collectors, Kyser® Quick-Change® Special Edition "Milton" Signature Series Capo might be the way to go. The Kyser® Quick-Change® Short Cut Partial Guitar Capo might be perfect for recording artists and players because they're good for experimenting for different sound.

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