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Recognizing Our Musical Inspirations on International Women's Day
Factory Minute

Recognizing Our Musical Inspirations on International Women's Day

Today we're taking a minute to recognize some special women in music history who inspire some of our Kyser family members. In honor of International Women's Day, we wanted to highlight some of our employee's musical inspirations and why they look up to some of their favorite music women icons. 


"I truly admire Joan Jett. She’s never been afraid to be herself and has continually refused to water herself down for the sake of others. She never cared who said she wouldn’t make it, she just enjoyed the ride to her dreams while everyone hated on her along the way. Joan is super inspiring, especially for someone like me who is choosing her own path, regardless of the backlash and also inspires me to instill in my daughter that you never have to make yourself be anything for others, just be who you want to be and the rest will fall into place."

— Hannah


"Janis Joplin: One of the most iconic woman of music history. She wasnt afraid to be herself. Thumbed her nose to what society deemed to be beautiful and talented. She stood out and held her own in the male driven world of rock."
— Kimberly


"Joan Jett is who I admire along with several others. And my reason is shes a singer, songwriter, composer, musician, record producer, and actress. She has shown that a women can be so many things."

— LaDonna


"A woman musician that I admire and who has inspired me is Sheryl Crow.  

Despite adversity and a debilitating disease, she sought help and kept on going and did what she loved doing. She has written many songs and created wonderful, inspiring music, as well as earned respect and become such an impressive performer. And she has collaborated with very talented and well known artists to create and entertain for charitable causes.

And added to all of her professional accomplishments, she also balances and maintains a solid family life."

— Holly


"Inspiration for me musically comes in the form of the amazing Ruth Underwood of The Mothers of Invention. She has mastered her instrument to it's fullest, and her precision playing is something to be heard and to behold. She will always inspire me to write music , and to push myself to become better musician."



"If I had to choose one that I truly admire, it would have to be Bonnie Raitt. Not only is she an iconic songwriter/singer and fantastic guitarist, but an avid activist and contributor for all women in the industry. She has been right there with all the “good ole boys” and constantly advocates for the new kids on the block."


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