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Kyser Celebrates President/Owner Meredith McClung-Attebery With Limited Edition Capo
Product Launch

Kyser Celebrates President/Owner Meredith McClung-Attebery With Limited Edition Capo

Kyser is currently commemorating its 40th anniversary, looking back to its small-town, Texas roots of creativity and community through guitar products, most famously the guitar capo. This celebration continues in recognition of its current president and owner Meredith McClung-Attebery, also the great-niece of company founder Milton Kyser, and the introduction of the Meredith Signature Quick-Change Acoustic Capo. 

An avid agriculturalist, former stock car pit crew chief, educator and music industry pioneer, McClung-Attebery left the oil and petroleum business to help her great-uncle with Kyser, and that quickly transformed into her current presidency of the company. She focuses on Kyser’s values to build a musical community. This is seen through McClung-Attebery’s push for inclusivity. Not only does her vision for Kyser serve  as a model for the music industry, but it also demonstrates the success of one of Texas’ small-town entrepreneurships, putting a remote area like East Texas on the map. 

That East Texas hometown upbringing prepared McClung-Attebery for success, as she embodies active involvement from phone call to plane ride. With such a friendly environment, McClung-Attebery thrives and has put her full effort into Kyser. But, there’s definitely more to her that goes unseen.

One of the biggest credits to her name rests in McClung-Attebery’s uncompromising nature. She emphasizes the fact that Kyser is 100-percent Texas made, and as long as she’s in charge, it will stay that way. While it would be easy for Kyser to take manufacturing overseas for higher profit, “easy money” is not a part of the company’s integrity. McClung-Attebery remains true to the company’s core in every decision she makes.

Because of her commitment, Kyser has created a customized capo tailored specifically to her. The limited-edition “Meredith” Signature Quick-Change Acoustic Guitar capo will be offered in an exclusive Candy Teal finish stamped with her signature, and it will feature a low-tension spring that is new and innovative to reflect Kyser’s evolution.

While being President of the company takes up a lot of her time, McClung-Attebery balances work with being a fully-Texas mom. She has two daughters that are her biggest priority in life. She spends time with them doing just about anything imaginable. She is happy that they get to grow up with an easy-paced life where they have time to genuinely develop connections and gain a strong education.

“Meredith’s strength lies in her independent thinking,” said CEO Scott Attebery, who has worked alongside McClung-Attebery since January of 2019. “She is true to herself and confident in her skills.  As a result, she inspires our team with that same confidence.  Meredith is a natural leader!”

McClung-Attebery’s values and leadership skills have gained her an astounding position, and they have allowed her to be identified as a woman in the music industry. She hopes to pioneer this movement to uplift emerging artists outside the quaint limits of East Texas.

Kacey Musgraves, for example, has worked hard at her craft and taken no handouts,” McClung-Attebery said.  “I want to be able to say the same thing: that my work was 100% mine, and that I didn’t do anything to compromise my integrity or the integrity of my companies.”

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