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Fender® x Kyser® Add Shell Pink to Classic Color Capo Collection
Product Launch

Fender® x Kyser® Add Shell Pink to Classic Color Capo Collection

Fender® x Kyser® Quick-Change® Shell Pink Electric Guitar Capo

With the successful launch of the Fender® x Kyser® Classic Colors Quick-Change® Electric Guitar Capo collection, the duo announces the addition of  another new color to the retro-inspired line---Shell Pink

Back and Pretty in Pink

A rare vintage shade that's ready to rock, this capo features Kyser's precision ColorMatch ProcessTM along with a newly designed 9.5" radius contoured perfectly to the fretboard of most electric guitars. 

The Complete Fender x Kyser Quick-Change Capo Collection

Also available in Surf Green, Butterscotch Blonde, Olympic White, Daphne Blue, the Fender x Kyser Classic Color collection nods to the legendary vintage instruments of the and '60s, including some of Fender's most revered and recognizable guitars. The capos are designed with collectors and vintage Fender instrument enthusiasts in mind. Shop the capo collection now.

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