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Kyser Honors Memorial Day and Fallen Soldiers with Guitars for Vets

Kyser Honors Memorial Day and Fallen Soldiers with Guitars for Vets

Memorial Day is a great time to reflect on what our fallen troops have given for us. We take this day to really remember those who stood on the front line for our freedom and our rights; we could not be more thankful.

There are a million facets of this holiday, but here at Kyser, we really like to focus on the inspiration of such a day, especially with our own military founder, Milton Kyser. The loss of loved ones is important and can be hard sometimes. For some veterans, this holiday brings back memories of friends that fought beside them, which can be traumatic, but the magic of music is so therapeutic.

Kyser partnered with Guitars for Veterans to celebrate this Memorial Day because we love what they do. They work with veterans to teach them how to play guitar so that our veterans are equipped with a healthy, helpful coping mechanism. As we remember those lives lost, we use inspiration to give new life to those recovering. 

Additionally, Kyser will continue to donate proceeds from all sales of its KG6G4V Guitars for Vets Capo and G4V 9-Gauge Strings to support the G4V organization's programs. 

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