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Next Stop On The Locals Tour Bus - Denton, Texas
Featured Artist

Next Stop On The Locals Tour Bus - Denton, Texas

Kyser Capos Enlists Snarky Puppy Guitarist Mark Lettieri as Next 'Locals' Guest Star

Kyser Capos proudly announces the return of its original series, “Locals.” We’ve taken you through Austin, now grab your guitar capos and watch a new tune from the powerful forces of Mark Lettieri and Kirk Thurmond live at The Panhandle House Studios in Denton.

About the Denton, Texas Art, and Music Scene

Denton, Texas, is home to numerous passionate musicians, creators, artists, and city dwellers alike: a place where the sounds of music and vibrant energy flow through the city 24/7. Kyser Capos is beyond thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Grammy-nominated and North Texas-based musician Mark Lettieri. Mark is a guitarist, composer, producer and member of the renowned Denton-based music group Snarky Puppy. You can check out more of Mark’s work here.

Stay tuned for our next destination! We just might be visiting a city near you! 

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