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"Capo Tricks" Feat. Trace Bundy
Featured Artist

"Capo Tricks" Feat. Trace Bundy

The Kyser® Quick Change® Short Cut Partial Guitar Capo makes the perfect addition to any recording guitarist's setup. By covering exactly three strings anywhere on the fretboard, the possibilities of sounds and tones are endless. Don’t believe us? Just check out guitarist-songwriter and Kyser artist Trace Bundy performing at the Virtual Kyser Booth during Believe in Music week at NAMM.

Trace Bundy lives and performs his original songs in Boulder, Colo. and uses a wide arrange of different guitar playing methods. His methods consist of different plucking and strumming patterns, thick delay effects, tapping, slapping, and percussive guitar techniques, but most importantly, he can be seen throughout the video using the Kyser® Quick Change® Short Cut Partial Capo.

At 5:20 in the video, he uses the standard Kyser® Quick-Change® Acoustic  Guitar Capo and then switches to the Kyser® Quick Change® Short Cut Partial Guitar Capo for the intro of his song. He explains how he made his own version of the Kyser® Quick Change® Short-Cut Partial Guitar Capo a few years ago, but essentially ended up being the same thing.

Guitar players alike can use this capo to create drone strings, drop into new tunings, or explore open ones in ways never thought imaginable. You can check out The Kyser® Quick Change® Short Cut Partial Guitar Capo here and more of Trace Bundy’s unique guitar playing on his website.

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