Guaranteed For Life

Our Lifetime Warranty means you’re bound to break down before our products ever do.


From the construction of our capos to the comfort of our swag, quality is what we swear by.

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

Hand-cut, finished, and assembled right here in East Texas, with all materials sourced from American small businesses.

Fender® x Kyser®

With blast-from-the-past paint jobs borrowed from the same classic cars that inspired your favorite vintage guitars, Fender® x Kyser® capos are perfectly powder-coated collectibles made to cruise up and down your fretboard with period-correct precision.

Classic Colormatched Vibes

Capture the spirit of Golden-age guitarmaking with Pantone-matched finishes for vintage accuracy

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Our Bestsellers

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, we guarantee each Kyser Bestseller for life. Shop our most popular acoustic and electric guitar capos, designed with Milton’s original Kyser trigger for perfect one-handed key changes every time.

Available for Acoustic or Electric

Our popular colors are so popular, we've designed perfect fits for your whole guitar collection.

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Performance Collection

As music evolves, so too do the needs of every player. The Kyser® Performance Collection capos offer player-driven designs made to keep you on the beat, even as the beat changes, and changes, and changes.

Functionality-Forward Features

Unique Quick-Change® design updates created for a range of modern needs, from open tuning to lower tension.

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Color Collection

Music isn’t in black and white. Music is in color, the bright the better, and Kyser’s custom colors are as vivid as they come, selected to speak loudly, perform boldly, and bring joy to the eye as well as the ear.

Rainbow of Options

Match your rig. Embrace your power color. We've designed this spectrum of Quick-Change finishes to suit every personality.

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Neon Collection

Dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music. That’s a Texas honky-tonk. But they forgot about one thing---the gear that makes the music happen. The Kyser Neon Collection pays tribute to our local flavor with four humming neon hues––bright, bold, and buzz-free––available in small batches perfect for collecting.

Custom Colors

Our first-ever Limited Edition color collection, accented in black.

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Naturals Collection

Some things never change. The Kyser Naturals Collection keeps the golden age of luthiery alive with a trio of wood grain finishes inspired by the tried-and-true, the time-honored, and the totally unforgettable. Here, heritage lives.

Old Growth

Printed grain patterns resemble beautiful vintage tonewoods.

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Special Edition

In a one-use world, Kyser stands alone with products made to last a lifetime and longer. Kyser Special Edition capos are no exception, but unlike everything else we make, when they’re gone, they’re gone.


Limited Edition runs perfect for collecting.

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Founder's Favorites

Every Kyser® capo is born in the U.S.A., hand-cut, hand-finished, and hand-assembled right here in East Texas from American-made materials sourced from American small businesses. Kyser® Founder’s Collection capos are a salute to our American-made heritage with true-blue designs.

Handpicked and Inspired by Milton

From supporting veterans through music therapy to products with nostalgic stories, each of these capos was personally selected by our team with Milton Kyser in mind.

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