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The Factory

The Factory

Hannah and Sam

Kyser showcases two of its most meticulous assemblers, mother-daughter team Hannah and Sam. The two discuss tips for working with family, and how even while trying to maintain work-life balance, t...

The Factory

40 Years of Craftsmanship

For 40 years, Kyser Musical Products has been proudly producing handmade capos at its humble hometown factory in East Texas, U.S.A. But do you know what it really takes to craft the world's best ca...

The Factory

Danielle and Chris

Kyser is more than a factory: It's a family. Crafting the world's best capo, perfectly takes connection, understanding and trust, and who better to discuss than resident couple Chris and Danielle? ...

The Factory

Roger and Danny

Born and raised a stone's throw from the Kyser capo factory, Roger and Danny talk about the day to day in the life of a local. The duo are the first step in the capo crafting process, drilling the ...